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Most people carry a mobile phone with them, and this is not always a 'smartphone' but all mobile phones are capable of receiving 'text messages', using the 'SMS - Short Message Service'. Using our system you can combine up to 3 full text messages into one message.

Our software enables groups of individuals to be set up using common charactersitics for each person, for example they could be people who work in the same department, or the same area. They may also be groups that are related by the work they do.

Using this desktop program you are now able to contact these individuals quickly and effectively. As an example you may want to warn all hotel owners in a certain area of people who are carrying out crime in that area. You may want to tell all your employess that your workplace is closed as a result of an emergency over the weekend. Email in these circumstances can be less reliable than text messaging which is instant.

The system is not standalone, you will need to purchase message cerdits in order to make use of the system, and on most networks, certainly in the UK the costs is a about 3p a message depending on the quantity of credits that are purchased in bulk. The system can also be set up to link to your own MSAccess database in order that you can message persons within your database directly.


Send up to 50,000 messages at a time
Standalone or network use
Fast and reliable
Utilise your own MSAccess database
Create your own unique groups
Create predefined messages

What Does It Cost

The system is competetively priced and the Initial cost includes one year of updates and initial setup of messaging account. There is an ongoing cost for credits and these can be purchased as required. There is no expiry on credits unlike some other systems. The overal cost is the initial cost plus the number of credits required in addition. One copy of the software is required for each machine when used in network mode.

Initial cost including 400 credits £129 GBP

Credits Included

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