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Good database design starts with a list of the information (data) that you want to include in your database, combined with an understanding of what you need to be able to do with the information once it is in your database. This can all be written in plain english without any reference to a computer in these early stages.

Don't try and think in terms of 'database language' these are matters we can discuss after the basic question is answered - What do you want to do with the information? The start of the process is about concentrating on all the information you want to capture and how you intend to work with it. Don't take this part of the process lightly, it can sometimes cause issues further along in the modelling of the database if you have forgotten some information you wish to include. Although changes can be made later on, it can make the overall process more complicated so attention to detail and some idea around future expansion at the early stages will go a long way to making the process straightforward.

The inter-relationship of the information will be worked on with you to produce a model. Discussions around how the database is to be presented, how it is to be accessed and who uses it will then be necessary to ensure that you end up with the right fit for your requirements.

A well designed database will provide you with access to up to date and accurate information for your intended purpose.

Good database design helps to ensure the accuracy of your information and the integrity of it.


As well as deciding how your database will be designed consideration needs to be given to the platform that you want the database to eventually be built upon. For example, is the database to be a simple stand alone database, on a desktop computer with access to the database on that one machine? Alternatively you may need a larger scale setup with a 'client-server' relationship where the database is stored on a server, or indeed online over the internet with many client machines populating and accessing the information.

Whatever you requirements please contact us. We charge a flat rate of £25 hour for consultancy which may be the preferred option for you if you only need advice and some limited support. Alternatively if your project is larger in scale and more time consuming then we can provide an overall quote for your complete project.

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